Von Otto has has been airbrushing since 1977. After getting back from a 2 year tour in Iceland and getting out of the Air Force his love of art and wanting to do something that was constructive instead of destructive.  He was told to buy an airbrush when he got back home and that is just what he did.  He strives to airbrush on almost anything, and pushing the envelope with his super detailed artwork.
     Many things to our credit...many award winning show bikes, trucks, cars, dragsters, even the fastest wheel driven Bonneville Salt Flats Jet Car, the Turbinator and several aircraft with nose art including the WW2 B-25 Carole Jean that is currently at the Smithsonian Institution their Dallas Airport facility ...just to name a few.
   Please feel free to call.  You will get an answering machine but please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Sometimes I am out of the shop for a while on a project so please do not panic I will get back to you.  Also feel free to E-mail .
     Please NO Drop Ins... We go by appointments only.   Thank you for your cooperation.

New Shop Location

AirBrush By Von Otto
7697 Babgy Ave. Suite 3
Waco, Tx 76712

Email: vonotto@airbrush-vonotto.com

Von Otto does not create artwork depicting any illegal drugs or activity, or sexually explicit material. Von also does not paint religious, political themes, or spiritistic themes. All artwork featured on these pages is Copyrighted and Protected. Please do not use without written consent.
     Due to the tragedy that happened on 09/11/01 and the losses that were sustained many people have been making money from the sales of many things related to this major event and even scams have popped up to make money from this tragedy.  Due to this myself and other artists have decided not to make money off the misery of those who lost so much, so I will not paint things that would link me to making money, fame, or notoriety from these events.   This is in NO way to offend anyone for their stand that they have made, but I made up my mind not to profit from these events. Any images on this website were created way before 09/11/01. Thanks
Check back soon...This page updated frequently

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Special thanks to three of the biggest supporters/workers of Airbrush By Von Otto.
Big Dawg (Kerry Kostiha)
Bad Company Express  (Mike and Mikey Shelburne)
and a very special thank you to Shane Howard for his Web-Work on this site!

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